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90 Day Loans applies cookies which are basically small text files and are programmed to carry some piece of information. This is mainly created when the web server which is the computer starts operating the website. The computer will use a particular web browser to visit the website. These text files will be stored in the computer hard drive so that whenever user goes back to this site, the information stored by the cookie can be used by the browser.

90 Day Loans uses cookies so that browsing habits of the user can be understood. It should be noted here to help cookies provide a better experience to the user, the same computer and the same browser should be used by the user when next time he or she visits the website. It is because a particular browser remains unique for a particular cookie.

We as 90 Day Loans use cookies according to our privacy policy and cookie policy. Though cookies are preserved in the computer hard drive of the user, but these are not supposed to steal any personal information of the user from the computer. Cookies are capable of remembering you as an individual and not on the basis of personally identifiable details.

Cookies are an important functionality so that websites like 90 Day Loans can perform better. Cookies can store information related to the preferences of the user so that he or she can have best browsing experience at our site. Cookies store some anonymous information such as a unique identifier, the site name and some digits and numbers. Every time when someone visits this website, it will ask for consent of visitor to allow cookies to record some data.

Reason why cookies are necessary:

Cookies used by 90 Day Loans make navigation from one page of the website to another page easy and smooth for the user. Cookies help the website understand ways to tailor changes in its operations. Most importantly cookies help to capture data related to web page traffic which means the total number of visitor to this particular. There are some additional information like IP address, access time, browser type and language, the source from where the user have come to about this website, the pages of the website that have been visited by the borrower, the other websites which have been accessed by the user etc.

Without cookies, the website would not be able to remember whether you are a new user or an existing user. Moreover use of cookies has made it possible for the user to save time by making browsing easy and less hectic.

Moreover for marketing purposes also, cookies have incorporated for a website.

Control of cookies:

If the user doesn't want to allow cookies while accessing the website, then he or she should change the browser settings

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