1. What is 90 Day Loans?

We are a loan comparison site assisting borrowers to apply for loans for small monthly necessities. We operate online and hence we can be accessed with few clicks on the mouse. We will also help the borrower contact potential lenders who are in our network. One can now easily search for loans on the go without much hassle.

2. What are the loan products available through 90 Day Loans?

We are not loan providers here but are connected with potential lenders who are ready to offer loans like short term cash loans. Trivial cash demands occurring unexpectedly can be managed with these loans which are just a few clicks away.

3. How to make an application for loans here at 90 Day Loans?

We are associated with lenders who have an easy application mode through which the applicant can fill in and send the completed application at touch of a button. Here documentation will be online and thus will take much less time. But the applicant should carefully enter details in the application which if successfully submitted will be delivered to us so that further can be matched with appropriate lenders.

4. Do I qualify to apply for loans?

Lenders will allow applicants to apply if your age is 18 years, if you have valid proofs showing your permanent residential status of UK, if you are employed and earns a stable monthly income and if you have access to an online bank account.

5. How much can I borrow?

For small cash necessities you can get a suitable loan amount varying from Pound100 to Pound1000. This range has been decided by the lenders who will be offering funds to you. 90 Day Loans is an online portal helping you to get in touch with these lenders.

6. What are the repayment terms?

Here loan help is meant for a short tenure and thus the amount that you will choose should be repaid within the term of 2 to 4 weeks. The exact duration will be decided by the lender. In a nut shell you should be able to pay back the loan debt with the next month salary.

7. What are the fees?

We understand that loan fees and APRs are so confusing. We have here a transparent fees structure where you can exactly the amount of fees charged against the loan amount. It should be noted here interest rate would be high due to short term nature of loans.

8. When my loan will be disbursed to me?

Soon your application details are accessed by the lenders you will be notified about the loan rates which you will have to compare to confirm the most lucrative one. Now the lender has to approve the offer for you and money will be wired online to you.

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