Our Charges

90 Day Loans provides an online platform to apply for loans which are useful for small cash needs. Loan applying formalities are easy and less time consuming. So, loans are conveniently accessible for the borrower who can stay back at home and send application request to us. But we know that before applying applicant would like to confirm about the loan fees and other charges.

Interest rates:

Considering the loan amount selected by the applicant at 90 Day Loans, the lender would affix the rate of interest which will generally be high for small cash advances. The reason is because loans accessible through us are provided for short tenure. The borrower just has to compare the rates offered by the lender in order to find the most lucrative deal.

APR charges:

Annual Percentage Rate is the total charge including fees and other internal costs. These charges are also decided by the lender and vary from lender to lender.

No service charges:

90 Day Loans is an online website where loans can be applied online. So, there is no need for the borrower to meet or visit the lender in person. He or she can online contact lender via the online form which is available at our site. Here we will not be charging extra for application as well as processing fees.

Late repayment fees:

Borrowed amount should be paid back on time or else additional charges as penalty fees would be levied by the lender.

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